How You Gonna Live Your Dash

Jenna Watt and Platform in association with Showroom

Scottish Tour, Jan/Feb 2016

“Striking and poignant… At once gorgeous and full of jeopardy” (The Guardian)

One of Scotland’s most visionary theatre makers, Jenna Watt, presents her latest performance following the award-winning Flâneurs.

This shattering piece explores the life-altering decisions we make in order to get the most out of our time on earth: giving up a high-flying career, confronting an addiction, dropping it all and moving to a new continent.

Based on real life testimonies and featuring beautiful pyrotechnic effects, this epic performance looks at the moment we choose to detonate our own lives, the smokey fall out and how we piece together a new future.

Supported by Creative Scotland and Platform.

Touring the UK, Jan/Feb 2016

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